Razor Bumps in Bikini Area: Get Rid Of Razor Bumps in Bikini Area

Question: What is the treatment for razor bumps in bikini area? How to get rid of razor bumps in bikini area?

Answer: Women as well as men often remove the unwanted pubic hair from their bikini area; it is integral part of maintaining hygiene as well as cosmetic outlook while wearing swimming outfits.

Razor bumps or the rashes are painful side effects of shaving bikini area if proper precaution is not taken while shaving.

The rashes or the bumps occur typically at the site where the hair are curly and short and thick. When you shave the curly pubic hairs, the fine cut hair start to curl back into the skin, causing irritation to the skin, now the body reacts to protect itself and forms a red sore rash or a bump in the process.

The other reason is due to the bacteria in the pubic region, they get access in the skin while shaving and cause swelling and pus filled boils.

How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps In Bikini Area

It is very simple to refrain from the painful razor bumps:

  • Moisturize the pubic area with warm water before shaving
  • Use sharp and sterile blade for shaving
  • Clean the area with antiseptic soap before shaving
  • Do not shave against the direction of the hair growth
  • If at all after taking all the precautions razor bumps do occur then apply aloe vera gel, it will soth the bumps of inflammation
  • You can also use apple cider vinegar to stave off infection
  • Witch hazel and cool chamomile tea are other valuable home remedy to treat razor bumps