Nose Boil Causes: Home Remedies And Treatment For Recurring Boils

Boils are inflamed cavities on the skin, filled with pus, usually caused by bacterial infection of the hair follicle. Boils may occur anywhere in our body, but they are most often found on the underarms, thighs, buttocks, butt, shoulders, face, nose, lips, and stomach.

Nose boil requires immediate treatment, as the infection on this part of the face may spread through the veins that are connected to the brain. If this happens, this may lead to a serious condition called cavernous sinus thrombosis, which may result to death.

Causes Of Recurring Nose Boils

Boil is commonly caused by bacteria such as staphylococci.

Nose boil is very painful as it lasts longer. Some people experience repeated episodes of boil, thus causes of recurring boils can any of the following:

  • Squeezing the nose boil.  Squeezing the boil can spread the infection from other areas on the nose that may cause another boil to grow.
  • Picking the nose with dirty hands. Dirty hands can be bacteria carrier causing infection that leads to boil formation.
  • Nose boil recurs frequently to a person with underlying diseases such as diabetes, HIV infection, or other immune system disorder.  A nose boil is likely to appear repeatedly because their nasal passages are the carrier of bacterial (staphylococci) colonies.

Home Remedies For Nose Boil Treatment

Most boils heals by themselves and without any problems. But the longer it stays on your skin, the painful it takes for you to bear. So to get  rid of the pain cause by nose boil, you can apply these treatment and home remedies:

  • Garlic and onions for treating nose boil.  The mixture of juices of these two can be applied directly to the boil to ripen and make the pus easy to drain.
  • Use of turmeric powder. Turmeric can aid the speedy healing of the boil. Ashes of roasted dry roots of turmeric can be mixed with cupful of water. If applied over the affected area, it can accelerate the ripening of the boil tending for it to burst easily.
  • Along side, ensure to take plenty of fluids and liquid foods. Water, milk, buttermilk, broth, and barley water.
  • Also take warm milk in which turmeric has been added. Turmeric is a powerful infection fighter. In case, the boil has been infected with multiplying bacteria and its products, turmeric will curb the infection and prevent further spread.
  • Avoid using any oil or powder, when the boil is there. It could result in an aggravation of the compliant.