Diet For Low Blood Pressure: What Foods To Eat To Treat Low B.P?

Question: I want to know the best diet I should go for and the foods I should avoid being a low blood pressure patient. Symptoms are dizziness for the last 12 days; blood pressure when checked is 100/70. Please advice on the necessary treatment & medications and also advice me on the diet preventions and what best diet I should go for.

Answer: Low blood pressure (Low BP) is a sort of constitutional accompaniment of many normal persons. They all live an absolutely normal and long life. In fact, they escape all the complications which a man of hypertension is exposed to- that is damage to heart, kidneys and blood vessels of brain.

Many a times following symptoms are treated as due to low blood pressure, giddiness, heavy head, insomnia, fatigue, weakness, tingling and numbness, sinking feeling, cold sweats and palpitation which may not be true. For any of these above symptoms, other causes are to be looked for- because in majority of the persons, whether thin or fat, young or old, low blood pressure does not cause any symptom at all.

You have to check with your doctor to find any other associated cause for giddiness, like cervical spondylosis, any ear related problems, anemia, or anxiety and depression.

Foods To Eat For Low Blood Pressure

  • Most important cause is faulty nutrition and the patient has to correct it with proper diet regimen which includes proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.
  • Beetroot: The juice of beetroot is one of the most important remedy for low blood pressure. Drink a cup of beetroot juice daily for few weeks to find the improvement.
  • The use of salt is valuable in low blood pressure. Take food containing more salt till your blood pressure reaches normal.
  • Anemia should be corrected by eating iron rich food preparations or iron supplements.
    Spinach and green leafy vegetables, liver and sea food are rich source of iron. Jaggery also contains plenty of iron in natural form.
  • Drink enough of water;
  • Lime juice is also preferable in low blood pressure treatment. Salt should be added in lime juice.

Low blood pressure does not warrant any restriction of food preparation. You can eat all type of food.

Regular mild exercise like a walk for thirty minutes will be helpful when your giddiness is better. For low blood pressure treatment, rest and relax when you are stressed, take proper sleep of at least eight hours in a day, this minor things will make you comfortable.