Irregular Periods and PCOS: Treatment For Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


I have been suffering from PCOS problem and continuous periods from 1 year. I am undergoing a homeopathy treatment, there is no much improvement. Previously I used to get my periods once in every 3 month, now I suffer from continuous spotting everyday and also severe acne problem.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Treatment

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) with irregular periods or amenorrhea is a common problem faced by many women and young girls in their 20’s.

Women suffering from this syndrome are generally obese, and have amenorrhea i.e. menstrual irregularity with acne on the face and chest and abnormal growth of hair on face and other parts of the body.

There are multiple cysts in the ovary resulting in enlarged ovaries hence the name polycystic ovary.

The main reason of worry in PCOS is because it causes hormonal imbalance resulting into infertility if not treated.

Heart disease and diabetes are more prone in women suffering prom polycystic ovary in long run.

PCOS Treatment

  • Weight reduction is one of the main target to be achieved in a woman if she is obese. Because only by reducing weight half of your problem is cured.
  • Besides, reducing weight will decrease the risk of complications like diabetes and hypertension and increased cholesterol in long run.
  • Weight reduction should be achieved in a disciplined manner by diet and exercise.
  • Diet containing complex carbohydrate is beneficial as it is rich in fiber and therefore takes time in digestion, with gradual rise of glucose level and insulin production in the body.
  • Cereals, vegetables, fresh fruits, pulses are rich in complex carbohydrate and so they be incorporated in your regular diet.
  • Sugar, ice-cream, chocolates, candies and cakes are simple carbohydrates and therefore they have to be avoided
  • Garlic, fenugreek, cucumber and lemon help in acne treatment and you should utilize them regularly in your diet.
  • Exercise daily for at least half an hour.

Investigations advised are: ultrasound of pelvis, blood hormone tests for LH, FSH, prolactin level, insulin level, blood glucose level, serum testosterone level and thyroid hormone tests.

Try this methods and you will find relieved from your problems. Consult a gynecologist beside trying this simple methods.