Intestinal Tuberculosis Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Question: I am suffering from gastric symptoms since a long time for 4 years. Now the doctor diagnosed that I have intestinal tuberculosis. I am taking medicine for last 5 months. Diarrhea did stop and some symptoms did improve but gastric symptoms like heart burn and pain are there, want to ask what should I do? And can chronic gastritis completely heal? I have taken all proton pump inhibitors and h. pylori treatment too but there is no improvement.

Answer: I am sure you must be taking Anti Tubercular medicines as you are diagnosed of having intestinal tuberculosis.

Sometimes mild gastritis can occur while taking anti tubercular medicines, you can take milk at least twice in a day to cure gastritis and it will also help to increase the weight. Do not eat spicy and pungent food.

Symptoms Of Intestinal Tuberculosis

  • Intestinal tuberculosis is caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis, as in any other organ involvement, tuberculosis symptoms remain same except intestinal involvement may produce chronic pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, or constipation and occasionally vomiting. Fever, Night sweats, Rapid loss of weight, generalized weakness is common features of tuberculosis of any organ such as lungs, abdomen, kidney, brain etc.
  • A person having tuberculosis of intestine may also have simultaneous tubercular infection of lungs, therefore it is important to do X-ray of the chest in any organ involvement due to tuberculosis.

Diagnosis and Tests for Intestinal Tuberculosis

  • Complete blood count, ESR, tuberculosis antibody, sputum for AFB, ultrasound of abdomen, barium meal ileo-cecal junction and follow through, and MRI of abdomen in some cases.

Treatment of Intestinal Tuberculosis

  • Anti tubercular drugs is the first line of treatment in modern days which are prescribed by your doctor and should be taken for a prescribed time, and repeated follow up with your doctor is very essential in getting cured from tuberculosis of intestine.
  • Healthy food, exercise, stop smoking, and fresh air help in increasing the body immunity to fight against the tubercular germs besides taking the anti tuberculosis drugs. Vitamin supplements are also advisable.