Importance Of Personal Hygiene | Personal Hygiene For Children

A person with unkempt hair, dirty nails, body odor, or bad breath is often avoided by others. To feel secure in social life and relationships, start by being clean and observing proper personal hygiene. Furthermore, hygiene goes hand in hand with health. It is the practice of keeping yourself and your surroundings clean that help avoid getting diseases and also doctor’s bills.

Importance Of Personal Hygiene

  • Children follow what adults do, so the way we practice cleanliness will be passed on to them and stay for life.
    Parents, caregivers, and teachers should instruct children early to have good personal hygiene. Here are some specific areas to consider:
      • Washing hands before and after eating, after using the toilet, and after playing with pets. Drying the hands is also a must.
      • When milk teeth start appearing, start teaching children to brush. Oral hygiene includes avoiding candies, soft drinks.
        Instead, give them alternative healthy snacks.
      • Taking a bath every day cleans the whole body.
      • Use eating utensils to lessen the chance of germs transferring from the hand to the mouth.
      • Nails should be cut regularly, and nail-biting should be discouraged.

      Personal Hygiene For Children

      • Curious children touch everything and everyone in their surroundings. If they follow personal hygiene, they won’t be factors in spreading diseases to others.
      • The observance of personal hygiene should constantly be instilled to build a lifetime habit of cleanliness. This way kids will not only be simply obeying; they realize why they must do it.
      • If a child is not picked on for being dirty, he will grow up to be confident and will maintain cleanliness.

      Importance Of Personal Hygiene At Work

      • At work, always put your best foot forward. This includes personal hygiene at your workplace, which extends into neatness and eventually excellent performance.
      • Clean workers make a healthy workplace.
      • The company runs smoothly if everyone is healthy enough to work efficiently.

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