Hematoma Pregnancy: Symptoms of Subchronic Hematoma During Pregnancy

Subchorionic Hematoma Pregnancy

  • Subchorionic hematoma during pregnancy is a condition which is characterized by the formation of a blood clot between the walls of the uterus and the fetal membrane. The incidence of the condition is a little over one percent of all pregnancies. The cause of the condition is unknown; however, it is associated with increased risk of fetal death or abortion.
  • Subchorionic hematoma in pregnancy is manifested in the form of varying degrees of bleeding in the form of light spotting to heavy flow of clots. The bleeding is often painless but may be associated with mild abdominal discomfort or cramps.

Symptoms of Hematoma During Pregnancy

  • Depending upon the severity of the condition, the patient may be recommended complete bed rest. Certain drugs may be prescribed to prevent threatened abortion.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids are specially prescribed in such cases.
  • Apprehension and anxiety are inevitable, but should be managed effectively to avoid further complications.
  • In addition to conventional management, homeopathic drugs like Silicea and Sepia, in low potency, are known to absorb the blood clot and relieve the pressure of the clot on the fetal membrane.
  • Regular follow ups with the gynecologists are mandatory, to review progress of the fetus and ensure that the pregnancy is viable.

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