Healing Shingles Scars | How To Remove Shingles Scars

Shingles scars and blisters can occur at any place on our body and mostly to people with sensitive skin.  Herpes zoster virus is cause of shingles. These rashes mostly with open sores result in scars and blisters which are definitely not a pretty sight. Here are some tips on how to get rid of shingles scars.

Healing Shingles Scars

The following tips include preventing the scabs from becoming scars and scar treatment in general that you can even do at home and also some preventive measures.

Healing Shingles Scars Treatment

  • Pound two aspirin tablets to powder, and add 2 tablespoons of nail polish remover.
    Apply this solution to the scab or scar using cotton balls.
  • Mix a small amount of rubbing alcohol with calamine lotion and apply to affected areas.
  • Take vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin B-complex supplements daily.
  • Antibacterial lotion can help in preventing further or additional infections on the healing scars.
  • A chamomile tea bag compress can also be effective.

How To Remove Shingles Scars

  • Try applying cucumber juice, olive oil, cod liver oil, or vitamin E oil to the healing scabs. Massage the skin for a while after applying oil to stimulate skin revival and removal of scars.
  • Apply domeboro astringent solution on a piece of gauze for 15 to 20 minutes, and then repeat 4 times a day.
  • Honey is effective in removing chicken pox scars; it may be helpful with healing its second bout in shingles.
  • When the rash or blistering starts, start also applying sandalwood oil, to reduce the chance of scarring when you’re healed.

Prevention Of Shingles Scars

  • Using black abil powder on healing scabs can also be helpful in healing shingles scars.
  • Aloe vera gel works well with all scars and that includes shingles scars.
  • Cocoa butter and wheat grass are examples of other good remedies.
  • Try not to scratch and burst blisters while you still have them in order to avoid the occurrence of scars.


  1. D said:

    Thanks so much for these helpful solutions for remedies for healing “shingles scars”. My mother has the shingles & is recovering but still has the scars. And unfortunately she has them on her left cheek. I will try these remedies as I am sure they will work.

    October 29, 2010
  2. CR said:

    Should we apply topicals on scabs to prevent scars or leave it untouched and allow it to heal on its own?

    January 30, 2013
    • PUP said:

      You can apply topical creams and ointment over the scabs. It is aimed at enhancing the healing process. Topical preparations may also prevent scar formation as it will abort further damage and hasten the scabs to heal. Most of the topical preparations contain antiviral medicines.

      January 30, 2013
  3. PNM said:

    I had suffered from herpes zoster in 2015 near my eyes and over the nasal area. Few scars are visible scars on my nose. How to get rid of these scars in natural way?

    April 2, 2018
    • PUP said:

      Herpes zoster is a viral disease caused by virus that belongs to same family of chickenpox virus. Many times after the herpes eruption heals, it leaves behind small pock marks like spots or scars. If they are shallow they heal after a period of time. But some deep scars may leave behind. Few home remedies may be useful to heal such scars.
      • Apply coconut oil regularly over the scar. The anti-inflammatory properties will help to heal the scars.
      • Apply castor oil.
      • Apply aloe vera gel over the scars.

      August 13, 2018
  4. Simone said:

    Can shingles occur at different sites of the body at the same time? I have shingles on the left side of my chest and on my scalp.

    July 16, 2018
    • PUP said:

      Shingles is a virus disease. It is caused by varicella zoster virus. This virus also causes chickenpox. The risk of shingles increases with growing age. At least 10 percent of people tend to develop shingles who had suffered from chickenpox earlier in their life. The most common area of shingles lesion is torso and face. The virus usually travels in the specific nerve which innervates one side of body. This usually corresponds to the area where the nerve gets innervated. It is possible for shingle lesion to develop in more than one part of body, if the same nerve root is affected.

      July 24, 2018

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