Hands And Feet Falling Asleep: Causes Of Hands And Feet Falling Asleep

Question: Hands and feet falling asleep, why do your feet fall asleep? What are the causes of hands and feet falling asleep?

Answer: Many times you must have experienced your hands and feet fall asleep when you lie down or sit still. There may be a feeling that you are not able to move your legs, you will feel tingling numbness. Around 5% to 15% of adults have this type of symptoms.

Causes Of Hands And Feet Falling Asleep

Hands and feet falling asleep is the result of pressure on the nerve and disturbed blood circulation of that part of the hand or leg.

When you sleep on your foot or when you sleep on your hands, you are giving pressure on the nerves of the hand or leg. This pressure squeezes the nerve pathway and does not allow the neuro transmission signal to the brain. Vice versa the signals from the brain are also interrupted.

Further the pressure can cause squeezing of the arteries carrying the blood to the legs or hands. Now due to the decreased nutrients the nerve cell will further become incapable to perform its duties of carrying sensation to the brain.

Some nerve do not carry any message, while few will supply signals to the brain, therefore you will have the feeling of tingling.

This is the signal, the brain is sending to change the position or else the nerve may get seriously damaged.

Why Do My Hands And Feet Fall Asleep

When you move the limbs, you will feel the sensation of tingling or ‘œpin and needles’. This is because the nerve is taking time to readjust itself. The same is with the arteries.

In short if the foot falls asleep for a little while, there is no reason to worry, simply move your leg or switch the position and you will be symptom free.