Ganglion Cyst In Knee: Ganglion Cyst Alternative Treatment and Remedies

Question: I have ganglion cyst on my knee what should I do? Can you suggest some alternative treatment and remedies for ganglion cyst?
Answer: A ganglion is a swelling of the tendon sheath filled with fluid and benign in nature. It is usually painless, movable, swelling seen behind the joints of the knee, wrist and ankle.

It is not clear what causes ganglion in the knee joint, but presumed to be due to the trauma or repeated strain and stress to the affected site. Arthritis and osteoarthritis may be the precipitating factor for ganglion cyst in the knee.

It is also known as baker’s cyst.

Symptoms of knee ganglion cyst

  • Swelling behind the knee
  • Swelling is usually large and stiff in the knee joint
  • Some time mild pain is present which is dull aching and continuous
  • Pain may be related to movement of the joint

Investigation advised:  Ultrasound of knee and in some case MRI to rule out any cancerous growth

Natural Treatment And Remedies of Ganglion in Knee

Generally ganglion is no cause of worry unless it start to cause pain or uncomfortable movement

Conservative alternate treatment and remedy should be tried before taking a decision for surgical removal of the ganglion.

  • Homeopathy has medicines like Ruta and Benzoic Acid. They both act on ganglion cyst to a large extent. The remedy has to be taken under the supervision of a qualified homeopath.
  • Wear a splint to keep the area immobile for few days as rest will reduce the swelling of the ganglion.
  • Fomentation with ice will help to relieve pain and swelling

If the above methods fail and the knee ganglion cyst may cause pain which is not bearable or the size makes the movement of the knee difficult, then one has to think of surgical option.