Facial Nerve Damage: Symptoms, Repair Treatment for Facial Nerve Damage

Facial Nerve Damage Causes

  • Facial nerve damage may occur due to injury to the seventh cranial nerve also referred to as the Facial Nerve. The facial nerve controls various facial expressions and the sensation of taste to some extent. The facial nerve is connected directly to the brain stem, unlike the other spinal nerves (which are connected to the spinal cord). Facial nerve damage symptoms include: facial palsy and partial loss of sensation of taste.
  • Trauma and head injury are the common causes of damage to the facial nerve. In addition, severe infections of the middle ear have also been associated with facial nerve damage.
    Herpes and meningitis are commonly associated with damage to the facial nerve. Head or brain surgery can also manifest in the form of facial nerve palsy.

Facial Nerve Damage Repair Treatment

  • The treatment comprises of prescription of a host of anti biotic and anti viral drugs, depending upon the underlying cause. Modern system of medicine also recommends the use of corticosteroids and analgesics to alleviate pain. Surgical intervention is recommended depending upon the severity of the condition.
  • Homeopathic drug Gelsemium, taken in low potency, repeated to up to six times in a day, has been found to have beneficial action in the management of nerve palsy.