Cyst On Toe | Treatment For Painful Cyst On Toe And Foot

A cyst is a closed sac, having a membrane and division on nearby tissue. Sometimes it contains air, sometimes fluids; other times it may have semi-solid materials  within. There are ganglion cysts, mucoid cysts, and myxoid cysts. A mucoid cyst is a fluid cyst that balloons out from the underlying joint. Myxoid cysts are also called digital mucous cysts.

Ganglion Cyst On Toe

Ganglion cysts, also known as Bible cysts, occur more often in women. This is a tumor or swelling on top of a joint or on the covering of a tendon.

Inside this cyst is a thick, clear, colorless jelly-like material. There is a finding that trauma may be pointed as a triggering factor for the degeneration of the connective tissues on the toes. This was observed in older women.

Treatment For Painful Cyst On Toe

  • Soaking the toe
  • Applying heat to affected area
  • Gently massaging around the swelling
  • Occlusive treatment with¬† topical steroids and Cordan tape
  • Home remedies: salves and poultices
  • Applying heparin cream
  • Applying a few drops of silver nitrate

Cyst On Toe

  • Chemical cauterization with phenol with local anesthesia
  • Digital compression of the cyst when the cyst is over a bony prominence
  • Hitting the area with a large book (for unintended trauma)
  • X-ray and radium irradiation therapy
  • Puncturing the cyst and injecting a bit of cortison
  • Removing the lesion.
    This only needs local anesthesia

Painful Cyst On Toe

If the cyst is a throbbing pain, here are home remedies:

  • Hot pads compress on the cyst.
  • Applying turmeric powder on the wound. This causes it to open and burst.
  • Placing the toe in a bowl of salt water to relieve the pain
  • Onion and garlic juice applied on the outside to ripen them, break them and drain the pus.