Cloudy Urine in the Morning: Causes and Treatment for Cloudy Urine

Cloudy urine in the morning has many possible causes. It may be attributed by the food or drink during the prior day or by some type of infection. Urine is normally cloudy in the morning because it is most concentrated at this time. Cloudy urine in the morning causes is due to the depleted fluid level of the body making urine look clear in the evening.

Causes of Cloudy Urine in Morning

Normal urine can be clear to dark amber in color. The shades of urine depend on the ammonia and hydration level in the body.

It can be alarming if it is coupled with other urinary symptoms such as burning sensation and frequent urination. Here are some causes of dark urine or cloudy urine in the morning.

  • Dehydration due to sweating, exercising, and less fluid intake depletes the water level in the body. It is one of the common cloudy urine in the morning causes.
  • Large intake of asparagus, beet, or high phosphate milk can cause excess phosphate crystals in urine.
    Although the condition is harmless, it makes the urine appear cloudy.
  • Vaginal discharge can contribute to cloudy urine.
  • Excessive intake of vitamin supplements particularly Vitamins B and C, which are water soluble. Since they are not stored in the body, it is flushed through the kidney and in the urine.
  • The presence of puss and white blood cells in urinary tract infections and bladder infections cause cloudiness in the urine.

Home Remedies and Treatment for Cloudy Urine

Unless cloudy urine is accompanied by some other symptoms, there is not much to worry about. Treatment depends on its underlying cause. However, the following are most recommended:

  • Proper hygiene
  • At least six to eight glasses of water or fluid intake daily
  • Eating a well-balanced diet

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