Burnt Finger: Treatment And What To Put on A Burnt Finger

How to Treat, Heal Burnt Finger

Burnt finger is common occurrence in woman doing household work and kitchen work. Burnt finger can result due to hot water, steam or cooking in oil. Usually finger burns are superficial, deep burns do occur occasionally.

  • When you get your finger burnt, the first thing you do is put your finger in ice cold water, this will restrict the inflammation and pain. Keep your finger immersed in cool water for 10 to 20 minutes or you can use plain tap water. This is done to avoid the blister formation.

What to Put on A Burnt Finger

  • Aloe vera gel can also be applied on the burnt finger, this will sooth your finger and help the healing process.
  • If the burn is deep and it involves the layer beneath the skin, and if there are blisters you can apply banana pulp on the affected area.
  • Potato also acts well on burnt fingers. Apply a slice of potato on the finger and keep it for few hours till the pain and swelling becomes less.
  • Paste prepared from curry leaves is also beneficial in burns on finger. It acts on the blisters as well.
  • You can take supplementary vitamins for speedy recovery from burnt finger.