Burning Sensation In The Head: What Causes A Burning Sensation In Head

Burning Sensation In Head Symptoms

When you feel a burning sensation in the head, there can be a few reasons for this. Here are some of the possible causes of burning sensation in the head:

  • Depending on the location of the burning sensation, you may be suffering from certain sensory nerve problems and these can be caused by a number of things like nerve entrapment or a disease that affects your nerves.
  • If the burning sensation occurs in multiple locations can indicate a possibility of multiple sclerosis.
  • More minor causes of a burning sensation in the head include sunburns, allergic reactions to shampoos and other hair care products and chemical burn.
  • You can also feel a burning sensation in your head if you are suffering from sinus problems, whiplash, stress, migraines and a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Home Remedies For Burning Sensation In The Head

Depending on the burning sensation in the head symptoms that you have, you will be able to determine why you are suffering from this dilemma. Some of the symptoms can indicate more serious problems while others can indicate minor ones. Here are some home remedies for burning sensation in the head that are minor:

  • For sunburn, you can use aloe vera gel or the juice from fresh aloe vera leaves to ease the burning sensation you are experiencing.
  • If the burning sensation you are feeling in your head is caused by your usage of a shampoo or hair product that you may be allergic to, you should stop using this product altogether to stop the burning feeling you are feeling.

If the burning sensation of your head is brought about by a migraine attack, you might want to soothe the migraine away with the use of an icepack or even with acupressure.