Breast Lumps In Young Women: Causes of Breast Lumps in Young Women

Painful Breast Lump In Young Women

Breast lumps in young women generally occur between the ages of 20 to 50.

Breast lump in young girls occur during puberty, this is due to the hormonal change. They are also known as breast buds, they are sometimes painful.

They are of minor significance, but one should not neglect breast lump, an immediate examination by a doctor is very essential to rule out any grave cause.

Causes of Breast Lumps In Young Women

Breast lumps in young women brings concern not only to the patient but to the treating doctor.

The first thought in the doctor’s mind is to rule out cancer.

  • Fibrocystic changes in the breast present itself as lumps in breast, they are present in both breasts, and this is considered to be a variation in the breast tissue occurring due to hormones. Women with fibrocystic breast may have tender breast during their cycles.
  • Fifroadenoma of breast: These are small breast lumps palpable on the outer surface of the breast. They are movable and do not adhere to the breast tissue. They are rubbery to feel and not stony hard. They are non malignant.
    But fibroadenama should be ascertained by a biopsy.
  • Cysts can also present as breast lumps, they are palpable and fluctuating due to fluid in the sac.
  • When the feeling of breast lump is stony hard, and if it is not mobile on palpation there are chances of it to be malignant.
  • Breast lump in a nursing mother: this is due to entrapment of milk duct and formation of breast abscess. The condition is painful fever may be associated with this condition.
  • Breast lump due to trauma. Hematoma can result due to trauma on the breast tissue.

Treatment of Painful Breast Lump In Young Women

  • Treating painful breast lump will depend on the cause, if it is due to breast abscess; magnesium sulfate cold compression is beneficial. Antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor. Some time drainage may be necessary in breast abscess.
  • If the breast lump is due to fibroadenoma, vitamin E is beneficial; one has to take this medicine for 3 months.
  • Biopsy may be necessary in stony hard breast lump, if the investigation turns out to be cancerous, necessary measure will be mastectomy. And further treatment according to the physician.