BRAT Diet For Adults | Brat Diet For Upset Stomach In Adults

BRAT Diet for Adults For Upset Stomach

The use of the BRAT diet for adults who suffer from stomach problems or have recently been through a bout with an upset stomach is known worldwide as the best remedy for easing heaving stomachs with. The Brat diet actually evolved from a similar diet that was given to kids who suffered from stomach flu and stomach problems. Since the components of this diet do help give the stomach time to recover without taxing it with digestive processes, it was then deemed a safe alternative to use all around.

Alternatives and Variations to BRAT diet for adults

While the BRAT diet for adults and the same diet for children have been recommended and used by physicians for decades now, there are some doctors who have made a turnaround and have recommended certain alternatives and variations that can better help a person recuperate from stomach problems.

Here are some of the alternatives you can use to replace the traditional BRAT diet that you are used to:

  • BRATY diet. This is almost the same as the BRAT diet for adults but adds yogurt to the mix.
    BRAT means toast, bananas, applesauce, and rice (with their first letters arranged to spell the abbreviation). The addition of yogurt is said to help with digestion since it does have qualities that do help your stomach digest better.
  • BRATT diet. This kind of a diet also takes the original BRAT diet and adds one more component to it and that is tea. This is said to help calm your nerves and to help with hydration as well.
  • Some doctors believe that for you to get well faster from a bout with stomach problems like the stomach flu, you will need more nutritious food to help rebuild your resistance to sickness. Additions to your BRAT diet should include fresh fruit, steamed vegetables, and water.

You should also include oral re-hydration drinks to this diet if you are suffering from diarrhea and vomiting to help restore the lost electrolytes in your body.

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