Boils on Anus: Causes and Home Remedies for Painful Boil on Anus

Causes of Painful Boil on Anus

Boils can be really painful especially since they are a type of skin infection caused by bacteria under the skin. A number of bacteria can be responsible for the appearance of boils on anus. These bacteria can form around wounds, cuts, hair follicles, or randomly around other body parts. Causes of painful boil on anus involve many factors including poor hygiene.  However, treatment is always available for this type of infection even the requirement of a doctor’s attention.

Home Remedies and Treatment for Boils on Anus

  • One of the remedies for boils on anus include getting rid of the boil with prevention.
    The bacteria causing boils have to be first prevented by maintaining cleanliness with the body as well as the environment.
  • If you have a fresh cut, make sure you clean your cut well and use antibacterial soap to wash the bacteria away.
  • For your boils on anus, try not to wear tight and uncomfortable clothing that can irritate your skin. Wearing tight underwear made of wool or nylon traps the skin’s sweat thus making your skin vulnerable to bacteria.
  • You can also use warm and moist compress to relieve the pain and infection in your boils on anus as well as soothing the skin.
  • Puncturing your boil will not help in treating it as it can further worsen the infection.
  • Neither does picking resolve the boil. Or if you cannot help pick it, use adhesive tape over the boil and scratch it.
  • If the boils on anus burst, wash the wound with warm water and antibacterial soap until the wound heals.
  • After the boils burst, there might be a little irritation. In this case, you can take vitamin E and vitamin A to help promote development of fresh skin.