Blocked Milk Duct Treatment: Symptoms And Remedies for Blocked Milk Duct

Symptoms of Blocked Milk Duct

Small, hard lump on the breast: this is the initial sign. The lump is sore to touch; it is a very tender spot in the breast.
Redness: this is due to the inflammation of underlying tissues in the breast.
Achy and feverish: this may indicate that the clogged milk duct may be infected.

Causes of Blocked Milk Duct

  • Incomplete or skipped feedings
  • Colds
  • Inadequate pump
  • Milk failed to drain completely from the breast

Blocked Milk Duct Remedies

  • Nurse frequently. This way milk is completely drained from the breast, decreasing the possibility of clogging the milk ducts.
    This should be done once you start to feel the blocked milk duct symptoms. In case breasts are not completely drained, you can use breast pump to empty it.
  • Positioning techniques. If the baby is positioned in a way that he can latch on well, this can increase the chance of emptying the breast well. Try various breastfeeding positions that can facilitate the drainage of milk.
  • Apply heat and massage. This is ideally done if you are in a warm tub or shower. Massage the breast frequently and firmly, starting from the top of the breast going towards the nipple.
    Hot compress may also be applied to facilitate breast milk drainage.
  • Remove milk plugs. This should be done gently and hygienically. Removing milk plugs may be a painful process since it is done by gently but firmly squeezing the nipple until milk plug is removed. It is best that you massage and apply warm compress while doing this because it lessens the pain while facilitating removal of milk plug.
  • Creams and ointments. If possible, it is advised to wash the breast with warm water, since some soaps and creams can result to irritation. But if you choose to use ointment, highly purified lanolin is recommended.