Blocked Milk Duct While Breastfeeding, After Weaning And During Pregnancy

Blocked Milk Duct While Breastfeeding Treatment

  • Between and during feedings, apply moist heat on breast.
  • You may also soak affected breasts with saltwater before breastfeeding.
  • Firm and circular massages can be used while soaking the affected breasts.
  • Enhance the frequency of breastfeeding in the affected breasts.
  • A cabbage compress on the affected area will also do the job. With a small piece of cabbage, try to crinkle the veins, and have it warmed in the microwave. Have the warmed cabbage held in your breast with the help of your bra. A cold cabbage from the fridge can also be used.
  • Of course, nothing beats following the basics. Assure adequate breast drainage by proper positioning and proper attachment of your baby to your breasts.

Blocked Milk Duct After Weaning Treatment

There are complications that may arise even after you have weaned your baby. Some moms will normally feel a tender spot with a bruise-like appearance in one’s breast. This is usually the result when the weaning was not done gradually. The best way to deal with this is through the following:

  • Take a hot shower or use a heating pad on the affected area. Heat will help release the pressure and ease the pain.
  • Massage the affected breast. Massage from your armpit down to the areola and down to the nipples.
  • Get some rest to have the breast partially empted. To have more milk, breasts will need to be stimulated and well drained.
  • The key to protecting yourself against this condition is by weaning your baby in a gradual manner.

Blocked Milk Duct on Nipple During Pregnancy Treatment

  • If you find any clogged milk ducts during your pregnancy, gently massage the affected breast. The same massaging process should be applied as the one mentioned above.
  • Warm compress application greatly helps in clearing the duct. You should feel relieved from the pain and the pressure of the clogged milk duct in a few days.