Black Underarms Home Remedy: Causes And How to Prevent Black Armpits

Question: What are the causes and treatment for black underarms?

Answer: Black underarms are embarrassing to a woman particularly when she wears sleeveless garments. Black underarms are more visible in females having fair complexion.

Causes of Black Underarm

  • Excessive sweating in the underarms.
  • Applying of certain deodorants which may not be suitable to underarm skin.
  • Friction of the underarm skin with tight fitting blouse and garments.
  • Shaving of underarm hair frequently.
  • Improper cleaning of underarms.

Black Underarms Home Remedy

  • Lemon is a natural whitening agent, rub a slice of lemon daily in your underarms.
  • Apply alum instead of deodorant to get away with bad smell.
  • Yogurt, turmeric and lime juice are mixed together and applied half an hour before taking bath. The mixture can help to get rid of black underarms to a great extent if applied daily.
  • Cucumber juice can also be applied to remove black underarms.
  • Apply plain milk on the black underarms regularly to diminish the color.

Prevention of Black Underarms

  • Use loose fitting clothes.
  • Check perspiration in underarms by applying talc.
  • Do not use deodorant containing alcohol and chemicals.
  • Do not shave instead use waxing to remove the unwanted hairs.

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