Black Spots On Nose: How To Remove Nose Black Spots Using Home Remedies

Question: What are the black spots on nose home remedies?

Answer: Black spots on the nose are nothing but blackheads on the nose. Black spots on the nose make the face look ugly cosmetically, and many women become conscious of having black heads on their nose.

Our skin is made up of tiny pores; the function of the pores is to expel the waste from the skin i.e. the sebum. When the pores are blocked the sebum gets accumulated in the pores, the dirt on the above layer of the skin of the nose makes the sebum dark in color and that is black spot on the nose.

How to Remove Black Spots On Nose

Moisten the nasal skin with warm water, or steam and then massage the area and use a scrub to remove the black spots.

  • Step 1. Moisten the skin of the nose with warm water. Then make it dry.
  • Step 2: now use a bowl to get steam on the nose for few minutes, steam will make the pores to open up and the nasal skin will become soft.
  • Step 3: after this you can apply black spot remover, scrub or mask on the nose. The scrub or the mask will absorb the blocked oil in the pores, and after 5 to 10 minutes wash the face with warm water.

Home Remedy For Black Spots On Nose

  • Lemon juice is used as a bleaching agent in treating black spot on nose. Use lemon juice on the black spot and after 10 minutes wash it with warm water.
  • Sandalwood paste prepared from sandalwood powder, rose water, lemon juice. Apply the paste on the nose, and keep it for 10 minutes, now wash the paste with plain water.
  • Aloe vera gel is a natural cleaner, use it daily to wash your face and nose.