Black Onion Seeds Health Benefits: Recipes of Black Onion Seeds

Recipes of Black Onion Seeds

Onion plants are known to be one of the primary ingredients in many dishes. But aside from this, another use of onion was discovered, which are the black onion seeds and this is for medicinal purposes. Black onion seeds health benefits were found to be quite numerous. It was found out that black onion seeds have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, to name a few.

Here are some more of the black onion seeds health benefits:

  • Treatment for asthma, whooping cough, and bronchitis
  • Relieves flatulence and gas problems
  • Strengthens the stomach
  • Treatment of bites and bee stings
  • Treatment for acne and fungal infections
  • Prevent tooth decay and oral infection
  • Treats palpitations and migraine

Preparations to Take Advantage of Black Onion Seeds Health Benefits

Here are some black onion seeds recipes to treat various health problems.

  • Boiled with water: whole black onion seeds are boiled in water then drank, this relieves asthma-related illnesses.
  • Mixed with vinegar: whole black onion seeds are mixed with vinegar. This makes an excellent concoction for the treatment of chronic cold.
  • Mixed with honey: black onion seeds are crushed until powdery. This helps in the removal of gallbladder and kidney stones.
  • Boiled with vinegar: whole black seeds and vinegar are boiled together. When applied on the gums, it helps reduce inflammation and infection of the gums and teeth
  • Powdered and mixed with water: black onion seeds are grounded into powder form then mixed with warm water, this helps in treating hemorrhoids.

Other Names of Black Onion Seeds

  • Nigella sativa
  • Nutmeg flower
  • Black cumin
  • Roman coriander
  • Black caraway
  • Fennel flower

Latest Discoveries of Health Benefits of Black Onion Seeds

  • Black onion seeds decoction helps relive difficult labor and aides in cleansing the uterus post delivery.
  • Fumigation of the seeds can alleviate piles.
  • Black onion seeds made into paste can decrease alopecia.
  • Black onion seeds oil has helped people with opioid dependence.
  • Black onion seeds oil has been discovered to have thymoquinone that blocks cancer cell growth in pancreatic cancer.