Bible Bump: Treatment And Herbal Home Remedy for Bible Bump

Question: What Is A Bible Bump?

Answer: Ganglion cysts are also called Bible Bump. Traditionally, ganglia were burst by striking them with the family Bible and therefore they are also referred to as Bible bump.

Ganglia are cystic swellings containing clear gelatinous fluid. They often communicate with, and are always adjacent to, a tendon sheath or a capsule of a joint. They often grow very slowly and are generally painless.

Bible bump is most commonly found on the top of the wrist and the foot.

Bible bump becomes a problem if it interferes with the movement of the joint or if it compresses the nerve beneath.

If that happens the patient may have pain in the wrist and weakness in the joint.

Origin of Bible bump is uncertain but they are probably caused by the leakage of synovial fluid through the capsule of the joint or the tendon sheath.

Bible bump is sometimes predisposed to by an injury.

Occasionally small ganglia develop on the fingers which although small, are extremely painful and tender.

Treatment for Bible bump

Generally ganglion disappears over a period of time, but there are herbal remedies which can be thought of to bring quick cure. Homeopathy has a medicine called Ruta, it is an effective remedy to treat ganglion cysts of wrist.

Herbal Home Remedy for Bible Bump

Herbal remedy like psyillium husk can be used to treat bible bump. Boil the herb for 20 minutes in water, than strain it and drink the extract two times in a day. Due to its anti inflammatory property, it reduces the swelling.

Spanish eyes is another herbal remedy used to treat bible bump. Boil 30 gms of Spanish eyes or lavandula multifida aerial parts in 1 glassful of water for half an hour. Strain and drain the plant extract and drink once in a day for a week. The anti-inflammatory property will be beneficial to treat ganglion cyst.

Even after taking the above home remedy if the bible bump does not resolve and become a problem then it can be surgically excised.

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