Acid Burn Treatment: Home Remedies For Acid Burn Scar on Skin

Acid Burn Scar Home Remedies

Acid burns happen when you get exposed to very strong acid with a pH of 1 that have the ability to corrode your tissue. It requires immediate acid burn treatment however large or small the injury is. The most common household acid burn incident is by hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid). Characteristics include:

  • May not have a source of heat
  • Occurs rapidly upon contact of the substance
  • Is extremely painful because of the large area of damage
  • A burning sensation may be felt
  • Irritation
  • Formation of blisters

Degree of Burns

  • First degree. Only the first layer of skin is damaged and requires 3 to 6 days to heel.
    It is often not painful because no nerves are involved.
  • Second degree. Skin as well as a small layer of the muscle is involved. It is the most painful because many nerves are involved.
  • Third degree has the most extensive damage. It requires skin grafting and special acid burn treatment and procedures. This may be not painful because nerve endings have been burned too.

Acid Burn Skin Treatment

Acid burn home remedies include first aid and rehabilitation. Here are measures that you have to remember:

  • Remove the victim from the source of the burn.
  • Do not rub the acid off.
  • Let cold water flow over the burn for at least 15 minutes.
  • Cover a cold compress on a wet washcloth and place it on the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes with an interval for 15 minutes until the next application.
  • Avoid unnecessary pressure on the affected site.
  • If on face, breathing may be compromised and should be immediately sent to the hospital.
  • When an acid is swallowed immediately drink milk, acid burn treatment should be to go to the hospital quickly as possible.

Treat Acid Burn Scar

Acid burns are more likely to end up with scars.

Home treatments include:

  • Apply pressure on the scar.
  • Apply lotions with vitamin K and E.
  • Massage the area with lime juice.
  • Apply crushed fresh papaya fruit on the scar. Or you can use papaya-based soaps on the affected area.
  • For extensive scars, you may need a dermatologist.