Yellow Vomiting Bile Causes, Treatment | Throw Yellow Liquid Vomit


I’ve always vomit a yellow liquid taste bitter. What would be the cause of the yellow thing that I vomited?


Causes of Yellow Vomiting

It seems that you are suffering from excessive acidity or a gall bladder obstruction which is resulting in the yellow (bile) vomiting. How often do you vomit? What is your age? What is the kind of diet you have? Do you vomit any time during the day or only in morning? Are you on any medications or drugs? Do you suspect jaundice? What is the color of your stools? Do you have radiating pain in the back?

It is important to ensure that your diet is appropriate to help you tackle the problem of obstruction of the gallbladder.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Consume small quantities of food at short duration. Don’t over eat.
  2. Don’t drink water during or at least half an hour after meal. Consuming water during meals tends to dilute the gastric acids which in turn can result in poor digestive functions.
  3. Avoid oily and fatty foods. Ensure that the food is rich in dietary fiber, vegetables, fruits, oat, cereals, pulses, etc. Don’t consume junk food or aerated drinks.
  4. Visit a gastroenterologist and verify the cause of the condition. It appears to be gall stone but it needs to be confirmed.
  5. You could try homeopathic remedy ‘Lycopodium’ in low doses, taken at least four times a day. This should improve the liver functions and aid in reducing the problem of vomiting.