What to Eat and Drink When Hungover and Throwing Up: Natural Tips

What to Eat When Hungover

One of the problems involved with the overindulgence of alcohol is the hangover that one experiences the morning after a drinking spree or a party. A hangover is no laughing matter as a lot of people will attest since this can bring about a lot of discomfort to the person in the form of headaches, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and disorientation, to name but a few. How do you remedy such a problem naturally? Do you know what to eat when hungover?

Food and Drink to Remedy a Hangover and Throwing Up

The question of what to eat when hungover often lingers in the mind of those who are known to overindulge in alcohol once the weekend draws near.

Here are some tips on what you might need to eat or drink should you find yourself hearing drumbeats in your head the morning after a serious drinking session:

  • Fruit Juice. This is one of the best remedies for a hangover since it helps burn the alcohol in your system faster and removes it from your body to help alleviate the symptoms of a hangover quicker. Try taking a huge glass of tomato juice or orange juice the morning after a night of drinking.
  • Honey and Crackers. Honey has fructose, which is a substance that actually helps your body burn the alcohol in it faster.
    The crackers part is to help cure the hunger pangs that usually come with a hangover.
  • Water. This is probably one of the most common remedies for a hangover: plain H2O. Drink a lot of water if you are hungover since this will help rehydrate you and will also help flush out the remaining alcohol still in your body.
  • Raw Cabbage. If you want to get rid of that throbbing headache you got due to drinking, you might want to eat some raw cabbage to relieve some of that pain naturally.