Causes Of Profuse Underarm Sweating: Home Remedies To Reduce It

Question: My underarm sweats a lot. It is difficult to meditate with my wet underarms?

Answer: Sweating decreases the work and efficiency of a person in general. Foul smelling sweat is a social stigma; it is not only annoying to the person who sweats but also to the people around him. The problem is more of social nature than medical.

Sweating is a natural phenomenon; there are innumerable sweat glands present under the skin. The main function of perspiration is to keep the body cool and maintain body temperature. Especially during hot weather and during exercising, people sweat a lot.

Sweat increases due to emotional factors too. For example we sweat a lot due to fear, stress etc.

Why do we sweat more in underarms than other parts of body? This is because there are particular sweat glands called apocrine glands in underarms. They produce more sweat than sweat glands situated at other sites. Sweat in underarms is thick and produces yellow or white color. It is because, sweat in underarms contain proteins and fatty acids. It makes sweat thick and staining.

It is impossible and rather not advisable to completely eliminate underarm perspiration from the body, but it can be minimized to an extent with home remedies, proper diet and wearing proper cotton clothing.

Home Remedies To Reduce Underarm Sweating

Some of the tips to reduce underarm sweating are:

  • Wear loose cotton clothes. It allows easy circulation of air and hence the sweat produced evaporates soon. Besides cotton clothes absorb sweat easily.  Wearing synthetic material will make the underarm sweat more as it clings to the skin.
  • Apply apple cider vinegar as it has a natural odor.
  • Keep your underarms clean and free from hair by waxing or shaving them regularly.
  • Apply baking soda to the underarms, they kill the bacteria which produce foul odor and they also help in absorbing the sweat. Sprinkle baking soda in underarms after coming out from shower. It will also prevent staining of clothes.
  • Rub a sliced potato to the underarms. Make sure to spray a deodorant to avoid smell of potato.
  • Sage is the herb very helpful in reducing sweating. Drink a cup of sage tea twice in a day to keep sweating away.
  • Avoid smoking, drinking coffee, onions, garlic and fish and spicy foods. They increase sweating not only in underarms but all over the body.
  • Obesity can lead to excessive under arm sweating. Try to reduce your weight if you are obese.
  • Bathe at least twice in a day as it clears the bacteria by reducing the body temperature.

Once you follow the above tips, your underarm sweating will become less and you can meditate more peacefully.

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