How to Cure, Treat Underarm Boil | Heal Armpit Boils Home Remedy


From the last 4 years almost every month, 5-7 boils occurs with pus in it in my underarms. Please advise what to do?


Underarm Boil Treatment

Hygiene is the most essential to ensure that the occurrence of boils is reduced. Make sure that you shave your underarms regularly. Also ensure that the blade you use is replaced regularly. Clean the blade with dettol or savlon before using it.

Some simple home based solutions for the management of boils in the underarms are:

  1. Onion and garlic have been used effectively in the management of boils.
    Local application of freshly extracted onion or garlic juice has profound benefit on reducing the pain and aiding in premature rupture of these boils.
  2. Bitter gourd juice is effective in the management of blood boils. Mix a cup of freshly extracted bitter gourd juice with some lime juice and drink it on empty stomach. This will aid in reducing the frequency and incidence of these boils
  3. Local application of turmeric powder will aid in faster healing of the boil.
  4. Dietary corrections are essential to ensure that the body is free of toxins. Fresh fruit juice will be helpful in management of the condition.
    Increase intake of whole grains, vegetables, cereals and pulses. Reduce the intake of processed food, meat, refined carbohydrates, sugary foods and salt
  5. Avoid tea, coffee and other condiments. Avoid sauce and pickles.