Causes Of Pain In Testicles: Natural Treatment And Diet

Question: I had a surgery for my bilateral hydrocele but after 8 years its size has increased. Since last 7/8 days my testicles (Right) is painful. Please advise me what to do.

Answer: Usually after hydrocele surgery, the probability of its recurrence is less, especially if it done by a surgeon. However, if only the fluid collected inside the layers of testis is aspirated by needle, the rate of its recurrence is high. In such circumstances hydrocele can recur after a given period of time.

I would recommend that you visit your surgeon to understand what the actual problem is.

There are many other problems that can give rise to pain in testis, so don’t waste time.

What Can Cause Testicle Pain?

Here are some of the causes for painful testes. Pain can be unilateral or bilateral. This means it can be in one testis or both the testes.

  • Hernia: An inguinal hernia can go further down through the inguinal canal into scrotum. Usually such hernia is reducible. This means if the person lies down the swelling disappears and hernia again retracts in the abdominal region. In some cases the hernia does not recede back into the abdomen and person has to push it to reduce it.
    Sometimes it causes pain.
  • Infection in testis can cause pain. The infection can result from bacterial infection or on some occasions due to sexually transmitted diseases.
  • A varicocele in right side of testis may cause swelling and pain in testis. Varicocele is obstruction in the veins of spermatic cord. It is similar to varicose veins. Though not a serious condition it can affect a person’s fertility.
  • A cyst in testicle can cause pain in testis. The cyst is filled with fluid. It leads to enlargement of testis and scrotum. Usually such cysts are painless but occasionally pain may occur.
  • Torsion of testis can be painful. It is acute condition and the pain is unbearable. Even touch and jar can be extremely painful. Torsion is rotation of testis inside the scrotum. It occurs as a result of trauma.

Natural Treatment For Testicular Pain

You could follow some simple measures for pain relief and to avoid serious complications.

  • Don’t lift heavy weights or perform any form of physically strenuous exercise. It may complicate things further. Even avoid walking or running for long distances, as it may tend to exacerbate the underlying problem.
  • Wear some form of groin support. This will reduce the movements of the region and aid in faster recovery.
  • Coughing or straining at stools increases abdominal pressure and can worsen the situation. Take laxatives and avoid smoking.
  • Include foods rich in dietary fiber. These are known to have a beneficial action on the overall health and may help improve your condition.
  • If there is history of sexually transmitted disease you have to consult your physician. He may recommend antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines.
  • Testicular torsion requires to be treated immediately.
  • Apply hot and cold water compresses. You can use a clean face towel for it.
  • Avoid eating meat, oily and fried food. Avoid eggs, dairy products and beverages.
  • There are few herbs which have natural antispasmodic and analgesic effects. They help in reducing pain and inflammation. Guava, Moringa, Peperomia. Herbs such as white willow bark, chamomile, Marshmallow, turmeric etc is beneficial.

It is important to get yourself evaluated by your surgeon to confirm the diagnosis.

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