Sweaty Palms Causes: Natural Remedies For Palmar Hyperhidrosis

Palmar hyperhidrosis, commonly called as sweaty palms, is a medical condition affecting the sympathetic nervous system that causes the oil glands in the hands to produce sweat even without active movement. Normally, sweat is a form of mechanism that the body exhibits in order to regulate its standard temperature. At least one percent of population in United States is known to suffer from this troublesome condition.

Though not a serious condition in most cases, people suffering from sweaty palms feel distressed and discomfort while performing their daily tasks. Often writing with wet palms may spoil the paper.

They feel discomfort while holding a writing instrument.

Causes Of Palmar Hyperhidrosis

Sweat is important to keep our body smoothly running. There are millions of sweat glands in our body, and over half of these glands are located in the hands. Once the body is excited by an external stimulus such as extreme temperature, physical exertion, stress, and other factors, the sweat glands releases fluid or what we refer to as sweat to maintain the coolness of the body to its normal temperature.

However, for excessive sweating in the palms, this normal mechanism becomes skewed.

The exact reason why people suffer from excessive sweat in palms is not clearly understood. But one reason is clear; the sweat glands in palms become overactive than rest of sweat glands in the body.

Until now most researchers considered palmar hyperhidrosis has a psychological cause, but since few decades researchers have come to conclusion that it is due to hyperactivity of sympathetic nervous system. Psychological reasons such as fear, anxiety may exacerbate sweating but they are not the real causes to produce sweaty palms.

Natural Remedies To Stop Sweaty Palms

Treating this condition may be tiring but there are lots of ways to stop sweaty palms; among these treatments include the following.

  • To relieve yourself from the discomfort of sweaty palms, you can try putting cornstarch or talcum powder in your palms. After applying powder, clap both your palms to soak up the moisture. You can do this to stop sweaty palms regularly.
  • If you are dubious about how effective are cornstarch or talc is, you can also use an antiperspirant, which has aluminum salt. Apply this on your palms as well as your feet to get off sweating.
  • One very simple way to reduce the sweating is by wiping your palms often with a tissue or hand towel. In this way, friction will be increased.
  • Tomato juice is found to be an effective solution in reducing excessive sweating in palm. The vitamins and minerals found in tomato juice help to curtail excessive palmar sweat. Minerals such as potassium and magnesium which are found in tomato juice are believed to shoot the trouble and keep the hands and palms dry. Drink fresh tomato juice once in a day to find beneficial results.
  • The herb rosemary is a natural food for healthy nervous system. It is known to strengthen malfunctioning sympathetic nervous system. The sedative effect of rosemary helps to calm the overanxious mind and the nerve.

If the ways to stop sweaty palms indicated above do not work, you have to consult with your dermatologist or specialist to help you with this condition. He may prescribe you certain drugs to relieve the sweating. There are over-the-counter drugs that you can buy to help stop the sweating.