Stomach Burn Home Remedies, Causes | Abdomen Burning Foods to Avoid


Suffering from burning sensation from last 15 days continuously. I am already in medical supervision and using medicine libratex,LTC Kit, but no relief. Earlier it happens occasionally but now it happens regularly what to do.


Stomach Burn Remedy

Burning sensation in the stomach is an indication of excessive acidity. It is important that in addition to the medications your dietary and life style patterns would require modifications. Here are a few tips:

  1. Ensure that your meals are at fixed times. Skipping meals, eating late in the afternoon or at night could cause problems.
    It is important that you maintain a regular routine
  2. Don’t drink water while having your meal. This tends to dilute the acids in the stomach which in turn delays the process of digestion and absorption.
  3. Ensure that you sit upright after your meals at least for about half an hour after meals. This is important to prevent reflux and retro-sternal burning
  4. Avoid high carbohydrates and high fat diet. These stimulate excessive secretion of gastric juice which in turn causes most of the problem. Avoid junk food, aerated drinks, tea and coffee. Smoking and alcohol are to be completely avoided
  5. Medications should never be taken on empty stomach (unless specified otherwise).
    It is best to have your medications after a meal, which in turn reduces the possibility of acidity.
  6. Milk and diary products are alkaline and tend to neutralize the effects of the acidic gastric juices. Whenever you experience a burning sensation, drink buttermilk or plain milk.