Smoking And Kidney Stones: Renal Stone Types, Cure, And Diet

Question: Does smoking causes renal stones?

Answer: There is little evidence of relation between kidney stone and smoking. However it is best to avoid smoking.

Kidney stones comprise of salts, calcium, uric acid, etc. The kidney flushes out toxins and metabolites from the blood and excretes them. In case there is high concentration of salts or metabolites in the blood or if ones intake of water is less, the urine formed in the kidneys in very concentrated and contains high percentage of these waste products.

Kidney stones are small, hardened deposits that are found inside the kidneys.

  • The condition can happen in both men and women.
  • They are often composed of an acid salt or a mineral (e.g. calcium, uric acid).
  • They have a number of causes, but can often be attributed to a concentrated urine.
  • Treatment of the condition is going to depend on the size of the stone.

Over a period of time, these waste products get impacted into the lining of the kidney system and result in the formation of stones.

Cure For Renal Stone And Foods To Avoid

  1. Diet is an essential factor that impacts the formation of kidney stones. A diet high in fats, meat, sodium and low in vegetables, carbohydrates increases the risk of developing kidney stones.
  2. Intake of water also determines the formation of kidney stone. Lack of water results in high concentration of the urine with waste products. This is why it is recommended to ensure that one drinks about three liters of water each day, to flush out toxins and ensure that the renal functions are adequate.
  3. Reduce the intake of proteins in your diet. Uric acid is the by product of protein metabolism and known to cause kidney stones. Further it can result in other complications like gout and arthritis.

Types of Kidney Stones

There is more than one type of kidney stone, most stones found will contain more than one kind of crystal. Some of the common stone types are:

  • Calcium

    • This is the most common form of a kidney stone
    • It is usually made up of calcium oxalate
    • Certain fruits, vegetables, and nuts contain high levels of calcium oxalate
    • An increase in Vitamin D intake can also lead to an increase of calcium oxalate in the blood because vitamin D affects the metabolism of calcium
    • These stones can also be made of calcium phosphate
  • Uric Acid Stones

    • This can occur in a person who is dehydrated
    • It is also common in people who have high protein diets and in people who suffer from gout
    • Genetics can also be a predisposing factor why a person would develop uric acid stones
  • Struvite stones

    • These type of stones usually occur in response to a urinary tract infection or a generalized infection
    • They can grow quite large compared to other stone types

Other stone types include Cystine stones and other more rare stones.