8 Side Effects Of Bluetooth Devices on Human Health

Technology has brought about several changes in human lifestyle. It has helped to improve standard of living. Technology today has made life so much better and easier that often people start relying more on technological material and devices than humans. Bluetooth is one such innovative technology that enables easy wireless communication for short distance between two electronic devices. Having said that, Bluetooth has many of its cons. These devices are known to emit wireless microwave radiation. This type of radiation can cause several health hazards. Let us know them one by one.

Side Effects of Bluetooth:

Many people prefer to use Bluetooth device instead of using cell phone device while communicating. One advantage is that it is hands free device. The device can be placed in the outer ear. There is a wireless connection between the cell phone and Bluetooth device placed in the ear. This device is not entirely safe. Long term use of Bluetooth device can expose a person to microwave radiation which can be detrimental to health. Here are few important potential health hazards that can develop due to use of Bluetooth for long period of time.

  1. Earache: Many Bluetooth headset devise are heavy and when put in the outer eat for long period of time can produce pain in ear due to their weight. You can use light weight Bluetooth device that have soft cushion at the end fitting inside the ear canal.
  2. Mild to moderate deafness: Many people tune the sound volume of Bluetooth to higher level. However, they do not know that sound quality more than 90 decibles can be deafening. If a person keeps high level of sound on his device for prolonged period, it may cause hearing loss.
  3. Brain cancer: Bluetooth headset is constantly in close proximity with the head as it is inserted in the outer ear. People who use it continuously, their brain cells are exposed to the electromagnetic radiation. This radiation can affect brain cells and the person using it for long time is at greater risk of developing brain cancer.
  4. Leukemia: People using Bluetooth device for longer time can have low immunity. The radiation waves emitted from this device can affect blood cells leading to a condition called leukemia.
  5. Headache: People known to use Bluetooth continuously are prone to develop headache and neck pain.
  6. Long term exposure to microwave radiation from Bluetooth is also known to cause birth defects and miscarriages.
  7. Bluetooth is also responsible for car accidents as the person gets distracted while driving, especially when the weather is foggy and rainy or if the person is in bad mood. 70 to 80 percent of people who use Bluetooth often attend phone calls when driving. This can increase risk of accidents.
  8. Hair loss: people using Bluetooth headsets can fall prey to early baldness.


Although technology has made life easy for humans and it has been a boon in development of society at large, people must use it rationally. As we know, too much of anything is always bad, so it is also with technology. If used with care and precaution it can be beneficial. If you are using Bluetooth, avoid long time exposure. Use alternative ways for Bluetooth headset such as retro handset or air tube hands free kit. This can reduce exposure of radiation.