Burning Sensation On Scalp: What Are Its Causes & Home Remedies?

Question: Since few days I am suffering from burning sensation in scalp. Often it is accompanied with itching and tingling sensation. It scares me when I have this feeling. What can be the cause? Burning is episodic, and it affects my daily work. Are there any effective home remedies?

Answer: Burning scalp is definitely a distressing condition for the person to bear. It affects the work capability. As a result life becomes miserable. No one would like to move about with burning sensation on the top of their head. Often it was believed to be due to nervousness and depression when there is no obvious skin lesion on scalp.

Aside from psychiatric reasons there are numerous other conditions that may lead to burning in scalp. Below are given important medical conditions that may precipitate burning in scalp.

Causes Of Scalp Burning Sensation

  • Let us begin with the most common and frequent cause of burning and tingling sensation on the scalp. It is due to sunburn. Exposure to sunlight for long time may affect the scalp skin. Too much of exposure to ultraviolet rays may cause sunburn on the scalp just as it causes sunburn to other exposed body parts.
  • Soaps and shampoos which contain harmful and strong chemicals may affect the tender scalp skin while you wash your hair.
    Your skin may be sensitive to such chemicals. These chemicals may damage the skin of scalp. In today’s age many people use synthetic hair dye. Burning and itching in the scalp may be an allergic manifestation of chemicals used in hair dye. The scalp skin becomes sore and red as a result of hair dye allergy.
  • Burning and tingling in scalp is often a prelude to onset of migraine headache. Migraine is a form of headache which is often one sided and severe. It persists for few hours but incapacitates the person who suffers.
  • Side effects of certain drugs may also cause burning and tingling sensation in scalp and head. If you have taken any over the counter or prescribed drugs recently talk to your doctor.
  • Sinusitis has been linked with burning in scalp. Sinuses are hollow spaces in skull. They are normally filled with air. However, due to infection the sinuses may become inflamed and the pain may radiate to head and scalp.
  • A Head louse is one of the reasons for burning in scalp and head. Often children and women suffer from this problem.
  • Burning in scalp is also experienced in persons suffering from alopecia, especially in people having androgenic alopecia.
  • Certain skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema on head also produce burning, itching sensation in scalp.
  • Patients suffering from diabetes, vitamin deficiency may often complain of burning sensation in many parts of body, including scalp area.

If there is no physical ailment observed, physicians suspect it to be a psychological disorder. People may complain of burning and tingling sensation in scalp when they are depressed.

Home Remedies For Burning Sensation On Scalp

To alleviate burning sensation in scalp it is necessary to diagnose the underlying cause. If it persists recurrently you have to seek medical opinion. Often addressing the cause may give you complete relief from this uncomfortable condition. Below are given few important tips and home remedies that may help to relieve the condition.

  • Avoid taking cold food and chilled aerated drinks. Sinusitis is the most common cause of throbbing in the scalp.
  • Steam inhalation will be very helpful in reducing the throbbing and heat, if the condition is attributed to sinusitis.
  • Ensure a healthy diet. This will boost up your immunity and enhance your strength.
  • Stress headaches are also a common cause of throbbing and heat. Meditation techniques and yoga will help fight stress and reduce tension headaches.
  • Ensure that your scalp is cleaned on regular basis. Use anti-lice solution, twice within a week’s time. This will destroy the lice, if the burning and throbbing is due to lice infestation.
  • Finally, try homeopathic remedy ‘Belladona’ in low potency every two hours. This medication has been highly effective in management of throbbing pain in the head along with the burning, which is attributed to sinusitis.
  • Avoid using synthetic hair dyes and other cosmetic products on hair, if you suspect it to be the cause.


  1. MD said:

    My age is 43 years. Since many weeks I am experiencing burning in the bottom of my feet and also over the scalp.

    March 23, 2018
    • PUP said:

      Burning sensation on skin can develop due to many causes. Diabetic neuropathy can cause burning in soles and elsewhere in the body. Vitamin deficiency can also cause tingling and burning sensation. Peripheral neuropathy can also produce burning sensation. There are host of other conditions that can cause burning all over body. Consult your doctor to rule out different medical conditions that may cause such burning.

      August 13, 2018

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