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I have been suffering from kidney stones from past 3 years. I have been operated by laser surgery last year, but all in vain. I have developed kidney stones again which are of size-12 mm. I want to know, that why these are developing again and again. What should I do, so that these stones can be prevented from occurring again and again? Suggest any home remedy.


Kidney Stone Remedy

Kidney stones sometimes recur, if the individual has a predisposition to developing them, and if the dietary pattern is faulty and triggers their formation.

Occasionally, excessive perspiration and poor intake of water also results in stone formation.

Home remedies to prevent and cure kidney stones:

  • The most important remedy is – water. See to it that you drink a minimum of 3 and a 1/2 to 4 liters of water per day. Water flushes out salts and debris that may accumulate and tend to form stones.
  • In addition, drink lots of fluids – coconut water, juices, soups, porridges, etc.
  • Cranberries : Are highly effective in the treatment of kidney calculi. The berries tone up the urinary bladder and the kidney and reduce the burden of toxic elimination on them.
  • Berberis, a homoeopathic remedy is decidedly effective against kidney stones. It dissolves the calculi and prevents recurrences.
  • Avoid consuming refined and processed foods.
  • Basil : The leaves of the holy basil help in the management of kidney stones. Chewing the leaves or basil juice helps expel the stones from the urinary tract. It also has a potent strengthening effect on the kidneys.