Food Stuck in Throat Symptoms, Prevention | Fish Bone in Throat Pain


What to do when fish bone is stuck in the throat?


Fish Bone Throat Obstruction

It would be a very unpleasant dining experience if there is an obstruction due to lodging of any food particle in the throat. Some times medical intervention is called for in such cases, to eliminate the pain and other complication arising from the event. Home remedies become handy in this situation and should be tried if the condition is not severe.

Signs and symptoms of throat obstruction due to lodging of a foreign body:

  • There may be high pitched breathing
  • Pain in the throat while swallowing
  • Vomiting
  • Pain in the neck
  • Cyanosis of face and
  • Constant tickling sensation

Fish bone obstruction is a mechanical obstruction, the other reasons being swelling of the inner mucosa of the food pipe, throat, and larynx as in case of angioneurotic edema, the third reason is because of crushing of the trachea as in an accident.

Preventive measures:

To avoid the throat obstruction due to food, a person has to change his food eating habit.

  • One should not eat too fast
  • Chew the food properly before swallowing it
  • Do not eat while in lying down position
  • Do not talk loudly or laugh while eating

Here is some of the home remedies tried before medical help comes:

  • Break an egg and swallow the inside ingredient of an egg.
  • Eat a banana
  • Drink liquids, this may clear the throat.
  • Swallowing a lump of rice or bread is helpful in removing the stuck fish bone. Rice being sticky adheres to the fish bone and helps in dislodging the fish bone.
  • Gargling with vinegar is another option; vinegar softens the bone and eventually helps in dislodging the bone from the throat.

Even after trying the above methods, if a person is still having the sensation of obstruction, he should consult a doctor.