Gout Diet, Cholesterol Lowering Foods, How to Reduce Uric Acid Level


The level of Uric Acid is 6.3 and Cholesterol level is 256.3mg. How can I get rid of this problem?  Suggest me treatment and precautions to be taken.


Lower Cholesterol Level

I would like to know the symptoms of your problem. Do you have joint pains? Are the pains associated with inflammation of the joints? Are they acute or chronic in nature? Since how long is the suffering? Is there any associated disease from which you are suffering?

From the details which you have given I assume that you want to know about gout with hypercholesterol problem.

Gout is a chronic disease of the joints. It often manifests itself in acute form.

Following are the symptoms of gout in acute form:

Acute gout attack manifests itself with pain and swelling of big toe, with pain in lower legs.

The toe becomes tender, hot and swollen in few hours.

The attack usually occurs in the midnight or in early morning. Apart from big toe other joints can also be affected.

Causes of Gout

Main cause of gout is deposition of uric acid crystals in joints and kidney. There is either increased production of uric acid or there may be decreased excretion of uric acid from the kidney.

When the blood becomes saturated with uric acid it forms crystals and gets deposited in the joints producing inflammation of the joint. When they get saturated in the kidney uric acid stones develop.

Remedies for Gout

Cherry is an effective remedy for gout. At least 15 to 20 cherries should be consumed in a day. If fresh cherries are not available canned cherries can be consumed.

Carrot juice, beet root juice and cucumber juice should be consumed proportionately daily or at least thrice in a week.

150ml of French beans juice if taken daily is beneficial in gout.

Apples and banana are regarded beneficial in gout.

Patient should avoid all purine and uric acid producing food such as meat, specially red meat, eggs, fish, tea, coffee, sugar, white flour, processed and fried food.

Alcohol should be strictly avoided.

Patient should eliminate stress from is life.

Yoga and meditation are beneficial.

The above measures will also help in reducing your cholesterol level.