Quadriceps Rehabilitation: Quadriceps Tendon Rehabilitation Exercises and Tips

Rehabilitation of the quadriceps is highly dependent on the grade of injury and the activity or sport the person is participating in. The more rigorous the exercise or sport is, the longer it will take for the quadriceps rehabilitation process to be performed.

Types of Quadriceps Rehabilitation Exercises

  • Rehabilitation Running. The following are the things to consider when performing quadriceps rehabilitation exercises:
  • Don’t start too soon. Delay running until quads stretch and contract normally. One should run below the point of pain or restrictions. As long as quads are not yet painful, speed can be gradually increased.
  • Don’t run every day. Rehabilitation is poor if quads are overworked; running every other day is then advisable.
  • Limit distances. Quadriceps rehabilitation responds better to short distances.
  • Practice running first before kicking. Gradually progress from short-distance to long-distance kicks when running is already stable.
  • Cross-train. If cross-training for cardio fitness is not considered, one will lose conditioning quickly.
  • Gradually re-introduce skills. Gradually increase times of skills component to add the element of conditioning and fatigue, but always leave the kicking exercise at the end because this is the most straining exercise for the quads.
    • Fitness Testing. Before going back to the sport, exercise, or training that was being performed prior to the injury, make sure that one can fully run for 48 hours in the process of quadriceps tendon rehabilitation.
    • The most limiting factor for quads injury is kicking and acceleration of speed in running.
    • Re-assess strength, muscle tone, and stretch day after the fitness testing and decide if you can go back to playing the usual sport or activity based on the body’s reaction 24 hours after the testing.
    • The therapist who is in-charge of the quadriceps rehabilitation must make sure that the athlete is already in a 100% pain-free running condition to be assured that he can go back to the sport or activity he was engaged in.

Quadriceps Tendon Rehabilitation