Pneumonia Types | Lobar, Broncho, Interstitial Pneumonia Facts


I want to know the difference between lobar, broncho and interstitial pneumonia. Thanks.


Types of Pneumonia

Pneumonia is the inflammation of lung tissue and alveoli (i.e. small air sacs) which results in the accumulation of exudation and fluid within the lung tissue. The types of Pneumonia are classified based on the cause of the infection including viral, bacterial, parasitic or fungal. It can also occur due to chemicals or physical damage to the lung tissue.

However, there is another classification of pneumonia, based on the anatomical location of the inflammation.

  1. The lung tissue comprises of two to three lobes (i.
    e. anatomically distinct parts). Lobar Pneumonia is the infection which is restricted or a single lobe or a part of the lung.  While a multi lobar pneumonia when more than one lobe of the lung is involved. This occurs in more severe illnesses
  2. Bronchial Pneumonia is the involvement of the bronchi or the bronchioles (i.e. the tubes that carry air from the nose into the lungs. The involvement of the bronchi results in the typical wheezing sound due to obstruction of the air passage.
  3. Interstitial Pneumonia is the term used for inflammation and accumulation of fluid in the tissue between two alveoli.
    The more frequent cause of this type of pneumonia is virus or bacteria.