Oily Face, Pimples Diet, Treatment | Homemade Oily Skin Care Cure


Hi, I’m 29 With Oily Face And Pimples All Around My Face. I Have Been Using A Number Of Face Packs And Benzoyl Peroxide Cream On My Face But My Problem Still Persists. What Should I Do Now?


Oily Skin Remedies

There are some simple and specific treatment options for the management of acne and oily face.

  1. Drink lot of water: It is recommended that a healthy adult should consume at least three liters of water each day. This aids in flushing out toxins from the system which are responsible for acne
  2. Avoid touching your face: It is important to understand that touching acne repeatedly can cause the spread of the infection and further percolate the problem.
    Don’t attempt to pinch or pop the pimples, this may result in scars and long term damage to the facial skin
  3. Ensure that you change your bedding covers and pillow covers regularly. The oil from your hair and face tends to get collected on your pillow covers when you lay on them all night. These can further result in infection and spread of the acne problem to other areas of the face
  4. Always use natural lotion. Artificial lotions and synthetic elements can provide temporary relief but tend to cause clogging up of the pores and aggravate the problem in the long run
  5. Use only natural soaps.
    Avoid washing your face with soap on regular basis. This creates excessive dryness which in turn can result in bad facial health.
  6. Use water-based face cleansing products.