Phimosis Causes: Home Treatment, Remedies To Cure Phimosis Naturally

How You Can Treat Phimosis

What is phimosis? It is the condition where the foreskin of the penis is narrow and thickened and that it cannot be retracted from the head of the penis. It is usually congenital but there are cases that phimosis resulted from infection or poor hygiene.

What Are the Symptoms of Phimosis?

The most common symptoms are:

  • Chronic irritation of the foreskin
  • Reddish in color
  • Swollen
  • Pain and difficulty in urination
  • Presence of odorous discharge
  • Bleeding in the penis

What Would Be the Causes of Phimosis?

Although phimosis is congenital, we cannot deny that there is acquired phimosis.

There are situations wherein it is difficult to distinguish the causes of phimosis in congenital cases. However, acquired phimosis is due to the following:

  • Infection.  Phimosis primarily starts with an infection of the prepuce or foreskin. If not treated immediately, the infection can spread and result to the inflammation of the foreskin. The inflammation is known as balanitis, which is a caused by wide variety of pathogens including bacteria, virus, or fungus.
  • Diabetics can likely develop phimosis because of the presence of glucose in their urine that tends to thicken the foreskin.

How to Cure Phimosis

Treating phimosis can be done through the following treatments:

  • Circumcision. It is the cutting of some or the entire foreskin of the penis. In the early age, circumcision is not advisable, as this will be traumatic, very painful and uncomfortable for younger boys.
  • Preputiosplasty. Men may opt to have this surgery instead of circumcision. This is done by making one or two small incisions in the foreskin to widen the narrow tight foreskin opening so that the foreskin can be pulled back over the glans penis.
  • Stretching. This is an effective way on how to cure phimosis at home. By stretching the prepuce gradually, it can be easily retracted from the head of the penis. Stretching should be done in a gentle way.

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