Penile Shaft Bumps: Causes and Home Remedies for Boils on Penis Shaft

Penile shaft bumps are usually found where the skin of the penis is folded at. It looks like the skin in the area is more raised. They are soft to touch and are not painful and would move together with the rest of the skin. Generally, they are not a threat to a man’s health unless they become infected.

When to Be Concerned?

Some men have the notion that spots, rashes, or bumps are related to sexually transmitted diseases. In most cases, penile shaft bumps are common and harmless. The size, color, and shape can help determine if you need to be concerned about with your condition and whether you need some medical or home remedies for penile shaft bumps.

Types of Bumps on Penis Shaft

Tiny bumps at the base of the penile shaft are just normal hair follicles. They usually appear similar with each other. Small jagged or dome-shaped bumps could be pearly penile papules. They are commonly seen in uncircumcised men, but they are not infectious and require no treatment. Pink to brown-colored penile shaft bumps can be genital warts. They can be found in any part of the male genitalia other than the shaft. They are the most common sexually transmitted disease and require treatment.

Causes of Penile Shaft Bumps

Penile shaft bumps can be a simple pimple.

They are common during teenage years but can also be experienced even at a later time in man’s life. They are caused by the blockage of oil glands in the hair follicle. Although this is normal and a common condition, there are cases when penile shaft bumps becomes dangerous and requires prompt medical attention. Do not try to squeeze bumps in your shaft or in any part of your genitals. This could lead to inflammation and can even get worse leading to infection. One of the best home remedies for penile shaft bumps is to clean its skin with a neutral soap several times each day.