Normal Size of a Uterus: What Is Called Abnormal Size And Its Causes

What Is the Normal Size of a Uterus?

The uterus is a very important part of a woman. No more than an avocado in size when the women is not pregnant, it holds the baby for the full course of 9 months of pregnancy. The normal size of a uterus may vary from woman to woman, although the general dimension should not exceed 3 inches in long.

However, because the uterus is made up of very elastic tissues required during pregnancy in housing the fetus, the uterus can considerably expand to greater than the accepted normal size.

So if you are pondering on the question ‘œwhat is the normal size of a uterus’ you only need to remember that the uterus can vary in its size from the normally accepted size.

What Does Abnormal Size Mean?

Despite being made from elastic tissues, there is a limit as to how far the uterus can expand. In the case of women who have never been pregnant, there is no reason why the uterus should expand beyond the normal dimensions. When the uterus expands considerably, it is a possible indicator that you are suffering from cysts and fibroids.

Is Abnormal Size Cause of Concern?

Whether the abnormal size of the uterus is causing you pain or not, you need to be somewhat concerned with your condition. For one, most cases of abnormality in the size of the uterus are detected only through a sonogram. Given this, abnormal uterine sizes are not diagnosed early on, which is why many are detected when the condition is already advanced.

On the other hand, the normal size of a uterus is something that is difficult to establish in the absence of medical tests. Naturally, many women are caught unaware of their condition, which compounds the problem further. This is riskier if the abnormality in size is due to malignant cysts.