Normal Color of Stool: Causes Of Pale, Green And Yellow Colored Stool

The color of your stool is a good indicator of the state of your health, especially of your digestive system. Although the color of stool varies, the normal color of stool ranges from shades of brown to light yellow stool. However, in some cases, the stool may be pale or greenish in color although these are considered to be normal to a certain point.

Green Stool Causes

In understanding the causes for the coloration of stool, it must be remembered that the food you take is the primary cause for it. For example, eating green leafy vegetables and fruits are common green stool causes.

So when the stool is colored green, it is only normal. Likewise, eating foods that contain food colors such as ice cream, candies, cakes, and other foods can also cause the stool to become greenish.

Pale Stool Causes

On the other hand, if the stool is pale in color, you have reason enough to be duly concerned.  This is because some of the pale stool causes involve problems in the bile or simple digestive problems. Regardless of the cause, doctors advise that in such a situation, medical consultation is necessary because of the motley of causes, some of which are very serious.

Yellow Stool Causes

Yellow stool meanwhile may be the most common color of stool, but this is in no way indicative of good health status. However, this has limitations also because a yellow stool is not a normal stool all the time. This color of stool can also indicate possible indigestion or diarrhea. However, just like in the green stool, a yellowish stool can also be due to the food taken. Still, if the color of the stool becomes bright yellow and especially if it is watery, it may be a sign of some form of digestive problem.