Side Effects Of Multivitamins: Mild And Serious Adverse Effects

People take multivitamins to help them achieve the kind of good health they want and to help them avoid ailments that stem from the lack of certain vitamins and minerals. Other people take these multivitamins to supplement the natural lack of certain nutrients that they cannot get naturally from foods or to simply help boost their immune systems.

While the taking of multivitamins is seen as a good thing, some people do not know that they can experience adverse side effects from taking multivitamins. The adverse side effects of multivitamins can stem from an intolerance to some of the substances in them, an allergy to one or two of the components or even from improper use.

Mild Side Effects Of Multivitamins

  • Some of the mild side effects of multivitamins include a lingering odd and foul taste in your mouth, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, and problems like diarrhea and constipation.
  • These mild side effects often emerge when a person takes these multivitamins on an empty stomach.
  • Other side effects you might find associated with multivitamins include sleeplessness or restlessness if these are taken before bedtime and queasiness if taken before you eat.

Multivitamins Serious Side Effects

Aside from these mild side effects, you will also find that there are serious side effects associated with the intake of multivitamins and these are some of the things you have to look out for.

  • The serious side effects of multivitamins are often those that stem from an overdose of a certain mineral found in the multivitamin.
  • Certain minerals like zinc, calcium ,and iron can cause serious problems if there is too much of these in a person’s bloodstream.
  • Complications like stomach bleeding, palpitations, increased incidence of urination and confusion can be caused by an overdose of these minerals.
  • Overdosing on certain vitamins, like vitamin A, E and D can also cause serious problems. The problems that can arise from an overdose of these vitamins include migraines, intense backaches, sudden weight loss, and easy bruising, to name but a few.