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Right below my ear there’s a sore lump & it’s sore &swollen. I want to know if it’s a lymph node or salivary gland. I have lymphoma & it is in the salivary gland. What are the lymph node infection causes?


Lymphoma Treatment

It is very difficult to conclude only from the history if the swollen gland is due to lymphoma or due to any other infection. In such cases physical examination by a doctor is necessary. As you are suffering from lymphoma of the salivary gland, there are more chances of the same disease.

There may be certain other conditions like, mumps, or lymphadenitis due to infection in the throat.

Further investigation may be necessary like:

MRI, or CT scanning, ultrasound examination, fine needle aspiration biopsy.

Evaluation of the swollen gland is possible only after physical examination and biopsy.

When the condition is ruled out to be due to lymphoma and the cause is ascertained to be throat infection home remedies can be beneficial in throat infection.

Gargle with hot water 2 to 3 times in a day to get relief from the symptom

A pinch of salt can be added in water for gargling.

Turmeric powder can also be added to water for gargling. Turmeric will help in healing your throat. Turmeric has antiseptic properties. A spoonful of honey can also be added as honey will act as a soothing agent in throat infection.

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  1. Shelly said:

    There is a numbness and tingling sensation under my tongue along with swelling under the left side of my tongue. I am really worried about it. Does anyone know something about this problem and help me?

    July 16, 2017

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