Lowering Creatinine Levels: How to Lower Creatinine Levels Naturally

A naturally occurring amino acid found in mostly muscle tissues, creatinine is a very important source of energy for our body. Obtained from foods and other supplements available from health food stores, creatinine is used by the body to increase levels of energy and the mass of muscles.

How to Lower Creatinine Levels?

However, for cases of over-intake of creatinine supplements may lead to a great increase in its levels in our body. In this case, a person with high creatinine is at great risk to heart and kidney damage, dehydration, and in worst cases, death.

One of the symptoms of high creatinine is difficulty in urinating and heart palpitations. To avoid these adverse symptoms of high creatinine, lowering creatinine levels in the body is important.

The following are some effective ways on how to lower creatinine levels.

  • If you are taking creatinine supplements, taper the amount you take until you are taking none. This should return your creatinine levels to normal. Lowering creatinine levels can be done through urination, so drink as much water as possible. This also helps with dehydration.
  • High blood creatinine levels in diabetic people are generally a sign of poor kidney function.
    This is definitely cause for concern. Work with your doctor to develop a personalized diet that is low in protein. The amount of protein you eat on this diet depends on how much you weigh, so do not attempt this diet on your own.
  • You will also need frequent tests to be sure that the creatinine levels in your urine are increasing and the levels in your blood are decreasing. This indicates that the creatinine is being excreted properly. Doctors will prescribe Lasix, a strong diuretic, to promote urination. This is another reason that a person with high creatinine levels must drink plenty of water.
  • Finally, if the creatinine levels cannot be controlled through diet or medication, doctors may conclude that the kidneys are failing, and the patient should begin dialysis.