Causes Of Large Skin Pores on Face: Home Remedies To Reduce Them

Question: What to do with open pores in the T ZONE of face, which is generally oily. Can they be reduced in size with home remedies?

Answer: Often large skin pores and oily face go together. Especially they are prominent around the forehead, chin and nose which make the T zone. If your skin is oily there ought to be large facial pores. This is because the oil glands known as sebaceous glands produce more oil than necessary in some people.

Large pores has become a cosmetic concern nowadays as people, especially women have become more beauty conscious.

It is not that women were not obsessive of possessing beautiful face in olden days, but with exposure to modern day amenities and beauty treatments, their concern has reached to extreme.

Large pores result when the skin elasticity is lost due to excessive production of sebum (oil). There may be varied factors responsible to trigger large facial pores; some of them are not under your control such as change in hormones during puberty, pregnancy, menopause and genetics.

Few problems such as stress, nutritional deficiency can be taken care of.  One thing is certain there are no sure shot ways to close large pores, but they can be minimized with cosmetic as well as natural methods for a short period of time.

Home Remedies To Reduce Large Skin Pores on Face

Open skin pores are generally difficult to get completely cured. Although the size of pores to some extent be reduced by some of the home remedies. These remedies do not close the enlarged pores, but with their beneficial properties they are able to tighten the deeper layer of skin in a natural way.

  • Use of toners can limit the size of the pores and tighten the pores. Use toners and moisturize the skin after toning.
  • Apply ice on the affected area. Take few ice cubes in a clean cloth and rub for few minutes daily. Ice is able to shrink the enlarged pores and at the same time it controls excess production of sebum. After some days the pores will not be visible.
  • Exfoliate the skin to keep away oil and dirt in the pores.
  • Wash your face with cold water thrice in a day.
  • Apply a paste made up of fenugreek powder and milk on the face, leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.
  • Papaya is time tested home remedy for minimizing the appearance of enlarged skin pores. Mash ripe papaya and apply the pulp on your face. Keep it for 20 minutes before washing your face with cold water. Regular application will help to reduce the pores and make skin tighter.
  • Take a teaspoon of lime juice and add it to egg white, stir the mixture and apply it on the face.
  • Apply foundation which contains sunscreen, foundation acts as a protective layer and conceals the open pores. Wash off the face with cold water after few hours when you come home.
  • Apply a mixture of honey and lemon juice over the face and keep it for ten minutes. And wash it off after that.
  • Tomato is valuable aid in reducing the size of open large pores. Extract fresh juice of tomato in bowl and apply it on your face with a cotton ball. Let the juice dry. You will feel your facial skin is being pulled; it is the time to wash your face. Apply it regularly for two weeks and find the difference.