Keloid Scar Removal Treatment, Causes | How to Get Rid of Keloid Scar


I have lot’s of upper back and chest acne which now turn on into keloids. What must I do to Disappear it? Please help me.


Keloid Scar Remedy

A keloid scar is a typical tough heap which is abruptly elevated over the rest of the skin. It is normally pink or purple in color with a smooth top. Keloids have the tendency to continue to enlarge and are irregular in shape.

The actual causes of keloids scar is not known. However certain individuals are more prone to develop keloids compared to others.

Evidence suggests that men and women are equally prone to develop keloids. Keloids are more common in adults and less frequent in children and elderly. In some cases, the tendency runs in the family.

Since the cause of the condition is not known, there are very few treatment options and their effectiveness is fairly limited. The only way to avoid keloids is to prevent them from occurring. Try to prevent acne which in turn will prevent the occurrence of keloids. Some of the therapies available include,

1        Cortisone injections

2        Surgical removal of the keloid

3        Laser treatment

4        Interferon injections or local application

5        Chemotherapy treatment with Fluorouracil

Alternatively you could try the homeopathic drug ‘Causticum’ which is found to be fairly effective against keloids.

Take the drug in low potency, repeated thrice a day for a few days. It will help in resolving a few keloids and also aid prevents the occurrence of new ones. Local application of ‘causticum cream’ will also prove beneficially.